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Join the Nation

You run the W  rld.

  1. This is your "run-cation". Grab your running buddies and girlfriends, and get away to a race and have fun with your crew.  

  2. You will never run alone. We travel as a "team". Tour, stay, eat, party, and cheer other DR's also on the trip.

  3. We have designed the itinerary to be fun but also accommodate the runner's agenda.

  4. Travel arrangements are made through a third-party professional agency who will negotiate the best deals, secure your tickets and handle all changes. 

  5. We've run over 20 marathons and 15 half-marathons from coast-to-coast along with directing races, so we know what it takes to make a good race.

We will offer two destinations per year. Details coming through the summer.
Destination #1 - Winter 2021
Destination #2 - Fall 2021

The Training Plan

Start Line

Our team has researched great races for you because we want to run the same races.  Through a professional travel service, your tripped will be planned and you will have full assurance of travel arrangements. Prior to the trip, there will be a team meet and greet to go through the details.  This is also a chance to network with other DR's who will be cheering you to the finish line. 

Finish Line

When you cross that finish line, you will be greeted by your team of DR's and Sherpa. Make your way to the team post-race area where we will have amenities waiting for you such as foam rollers, water, snacks and a tent.  After showering up, you can join the team in a post race celebration.  


Every race will have at least one Sherpa, basically your Cruise Director. The Sherpa's job is to make sure you enjoy yourself, coordinates your travel to the race. Prepares you for the race, and to cheer you to the finish line and post race recovery. Sherpa's will lead the itinerary and be the point of contact throughout the trip. 

Travel and Accomodations

Through our travel agency, we will secure a block of rooms close to the race site and will provide travel to and from the race. All tickets for flights or bus travel will be arranged through the agency.

Leader of the Pack

Destination Races is founded by Alfredo Longo.  Al is a very experienced marathoner with over 20 marathons and 15 half marathons.  He is also the Race Director for Buffalo's Veterans Race and is the Start/Finish Line Lead for the Buffalo Marathon.  Over the last 10 years of running, Al has made it around the Unites States and Canada, with friends, and sometimes alone.  He's raced in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, Marine Corp and Disney to name a few.  Through all these races, we have learned what makes an event great and how to stay and play.  Besides, what better way to see the world than on foot? And why would you want to see it alone?  That's where DR comes in.  We are basically your family, your pack, your team.  We are there to cheer you on, network with other teammates, and develop awesome friendships on the way to the finish line.

Al lives by many motto's and one of his favorites is: "You'll never run alone."

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